These terms and conditions apply to all services of eusi-doula.ch

Non-conclusion of the contract:

Should no contract be concluded after getting to know each other, all already conducted getting-to-know-me or pre-birth meetings, which would have been included in the offer, will be charged (140 CHF / hour).

Rebooking appointments:

If an appointment is rebooked by you, it must be done early:

* by 9 p.m. the evening before for morning appointments
* by 8 a.m. at the latest for appointments after midday
(CHF 20 cancellation fee will be charged for last-minute notifications.)

Unexcused appointments that are not attended will be charged.

If an appointment has to be rescheduled by me ( i.e. due to me being called to a birth), it will be rescheduled to as soon as possible.

Medical Interventions:

As a doula, I do not practice medical interventions, even though I am trained as a midwife.
I do not attend unassisted births.


For external links and their contents, which are mentioned or recommended on this site, eusi-doula.ch is not responsible or liable.


Contents of this site may not be used without written consent of eusi-doula.ch.

Final provisions:

If one of the mentioned paragraphs is no longer valid, this does not influence the other paragraphs.

These and other terms and conditions will be given to you in a written form together with the contract when you make your booking.

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