„There`s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.“

Jill Churchill

I accompany you as a Doula during the postpartum period within a radius of 25 car kilometers around Unterkulm.

Would you like to receive my doula care exclusively for the postpartum period?
I am happy to be there for you.
Please contact me as soon as possible for a get-to-know-me meeting.

Have you already booked /experienced one of my birth bundles and would like to have more time with me during the postpartum period?
You can also book the following offers at short notice and extend your doula care as you wish.

Are you looking for postpartum midwifery care and do you live within my above-mentioned radius? Please send me a message. It may be possible for me to care for you as a midwife.

What may my visits to you include?

  • guidance and support in handling and caring for the baby
  • support with breastfeeding
  • support with re-bonding
    (i.e. through the baby healing bath (Baby-Heilbad) by Brigitte Meissner)
  • Bengkung Belly Binding
    (supporting and strengthening belly binding method from Malaysia, including instructions on how to bind yourself daily)
  • support in the household (small, routine tasks that ease your daily workload)
  • small errands or groceries
  • preparing simple meals
  • going for walks together
  • temporary care of your baby (i.e. carrying / changing / walking) at your request, to relieve you ( i.e. so you can shower, eat or sleep a little)
  • accompanying you to appointments
  • time to talk, I listen to you
  • …. or what you may need that day.


1 postpartum visit

(2 hours)
200 CHF


4 postpartum visits

(4 x 2 hours)
720 CHF


6 post partum visits

(6 x 2 hours)
1020 CHF

our postpartum

8 postpartum visits

(8 x 2 hours)
1280 CHF

What are the additional costs?

  • If you didn’t book one of my birth bundles and wish to meet me first:
    get-to-know-me meeting of 30 min (140 CHF/hour)
  • car expenses: 1 CHF/km (all rides within the context of these offers, back and forth between Unterkulm and your respective location and any requested ride with my car during the postpartum visit)
  • parking fees
  • overtime during a postpartum visit: 80CHF/ hour
    (after 2 hours a full postpartum visit will be charged)
  • Benkung Belly Bind:
    Rent: 25 CHF for approx. 40 days
    Purchase: 68 CHF
  • Please note my T&Cs.

What I do not offer:

  • deep cleaning, spring cleaning or yard work
  • big grocery shopping tours
  • care and grooming of pets
  • medical care


This traditional abdominal binding technique from Malaysia is an abdominal closing method for the postparum period.
Bengkung means “belt”.

Bengkung belly binding has a strengthening and stabilizing effect and promotes:

  • the postpartal flow (lochia) 
  • the involution of the uterus
  • the contraction of the straight abdominal muscles and relaxation of the abdominal wall 
    (relaxed muscles recover more quickly)
  • good posture
  • repositioning of the abdominal organs to their orignial position
  • on an emotional and psychological level, the feeling of being supported / held and the possible feeling of “emptiness in the belly” is counteracted
  • your own body awareness and self-care in the postpartum period

The Bengkung bind is an approx. 14-17m long, narrow cotton sling which is wrapped around the area between the pubic bone / hip and lower ribcage.

The Bengkung method cannot be compared with conventional support belts, as the bound “Bengkung belt” includes the lower ribcage as well. This creates a different quality of support than a conventional belly belt.
The Bengkung belt adapts to the constantly changing body shape through the daily binding. The support function can therefore not diminish due to stretching, as can happen when wearing a conventional  support belt over a longer time period.

In consultation with your postpartum midwife, you can benefit from my Bengkung Belly Binding offer, learn the technique from me and bind yourself daily for a few hours for approx. 30-40 days.

Bengkung instruction (approx. 1 hour) outside of a regular postpartum visit:

  • with rented bengkung belly bind: CHF 120.-
  • incl. your own bengkung belly bind: CHF 150.-

(plus car expenses and parking fees)


Make a wish

Let your doula care be a gift to you.
Let those around you know your wishes.

This is a wonderful opportunity for your friends and family to give you a meaningful and lifetime gift for your birth or baby shower party. 

This is an absolutely priceless gift that can't be given or purchased afterwards.

Gift certificates are available at any time.

Thoughts on value and pricelessness

I deeply believe that hiring a doula should not be a matter of financial situation, but a matter of personal need and the resulting priority given to the upcoming birth and postpartum experience.
The way birth and the time surrounding it will be experienced not only shapes the mom, the baby, the dad and the family, but ultimately has a long-term impact on the particular society, culture and generations to come.
Pregnancy, birth and even the postpartum period therefore deserve, in my opinion, at least as much investment, priority and importance as other big events in life (such as weddings, honeymoons, christenings, baby showers, decorating nurseries, birthdays, etc.).
A doula supports and promotes the best possible birth experience for mom and baby in a meaningful way.
The investment in your birth preparation, birth, and postpartum is a unique gift to your baby and you, whose lifelong value ultimately cannot be defined by any amount of money in the world.

If financial reasons prevent you from hiring a doula, get in touch. We will find a solution. 


supported and assured during pregnancy, birth and postpartum

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