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Does the health insurance cover parts of the costs?

Doula services are not covered by the basic health insurance (Grundversicherung).

Depending on your health insurance, some costs for certain doula offers like prenatal services (Schwangerschafts-Vorbereitung) or postpartum support (Haushaltshilfe), may be covered by your additional health insurance (Zusatzversicherung). Please contact your health insurance company in advance for more information.

Groupe Mutuel: As of November 1, 2023, a generous fixed amount for doula care will be provided to all insureds in the Premium or Optimum model, if the doula is a member of the Doula Verband Schweiz (Swiss Doula Association). I am a member. Getting this insurance during pregnancy and with an already hired doula is possible. Please contact me for more information.

What is the difference between a doula and a midwife?

A doula has no medical skills or functions. The doula is considered a professional companion of the woman, who supports the midwife in her work as best as possible during the birth and works together with her.

Why do I need a doula if my partner already accompanies me to the birth?

My role is significantly different from the role of your partner. I am there for both of you and support you as a professional companion individually where you want it and the way that is right for you.

Where do the get-to-know-me, pre-birth and postpartum/birth reflection meetings take place?

The best setting for these conversations is your home.
Alternatively, the talks can be held in public places ( i.e. restaurant, hospital area, park) or on walks.
Calls can also be held online if the distance is greater or there are other circumstances that hinder us from meeting in person.

Can I also hire you as a postpartum midwife?

This might be possible. Please contact me about this as early as possible.

Can I also hire you as a personal midwife (Beleg-Hebamme) / home birth midwife?

No. I don’t do births as a midwife.
I also do not attend unassisted births as a Doula.

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