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“Not only is the child born through the mother, but the mother is born through the child.“

Gertrud von Le Fort

And in this way, also a father, a big sister or a big brother is born.

I will be happy to accompany you during this unique time.

birth bundle “our birth”

from 1800.-


A doula’s fee is presented in the form of a flat rate based on the pre- and postnatal services and the 4-week on-call period.
The duration of the birth itself cannot be calculated in terms of time or money and therefore cannot be charged conventionally.

In order to meet different needs, I work with a social pricing model for the incalculable part of the birth accompaniment.
For the care during the birth of variable duration, you choose the amount that is right for you as a family and meets your financial possibilities:

Birth bundle “our birth” at CHF 1800.- plus continuous support during the birth at either CHF 0.-, CHF 200.-, CHF 500.- or CHF 1000.-.

The chosen amount can be paid with the final invoice after the birth and will neither be evaluated nor questioned.

What does the birth bundle include?

  • get-to-know-me meeting, 1 hour (if no contract is concluded later on, it will be charged)
  • 2-4 pre-birth meetings (4 hours in total)
  • 4-week on-call service 24/7 around your due date
  • continuous support during the birth
  • 1 postpartum meeting/ birth reflection approx. 8 weeks after birth, 1.5 hours
  • flat-rate expenses for communication via phone, SMS, messengers and email
  • flat-rate expenses for administration
  • car expenses up to 30 kilometers
  • a crocheted umbilical cord tie made by me, an alternative to the
    plastic clamp
  • “our doula birth present”

What is not included?

  • car expenses: 1 CHF per non-included car kilometer within the context of this offer, back and forth between Unterkulm and your current location
  • parking fees
  • additional days on call (30 CHF/day, 150 CHF/week)
  • additional time/conversations (140 CHF/hour)
  • please note my T&Cs.

birth bundle “our belly birth”

Price upon request

scheduled caesarean section – individual on-call agreement

birth bundle “a Doula for us”

Price upon request

individual agreements after an unexpected, drastic event

i.e. after child loss (in every week of pregnancy), unexpected absence of the partner / important trusted persons or care givers, etc.

umbilical cord tie

instead of clamping the umbilical cord after birth, it can be alternativley tied off.

the umbilical clamp had not been invented until before the second world war and tying the umbilical cord used to be a common practice in this country.

would you like to know more?
then please click through the slider and contact me for more detailed informations.

(These aren’t medical products and any liability is declined.)


CHF 15.-

The umblical cord tie doesn’t have to be sterile before use, as the surface of the umbilical cord, the clothing or the skin of the baby aren’t sterile either.

After the birth, the midwife will tie off the umbilical cord.
Please inform her in advance and discuss your wish to use an umbilical cord tie with her.

"lady's mantle"

CHF 20.-

The umbilical cord ties are made of 100% cotton and can be hot-washed or sterilized if you wish to.


CHF 15.-

"St. Johns Wort"

CHF 15.-


CHF 15.-


CHF 15.-

"red clover"

CHF 15.-

...after birth...

I'm looking forward to your order!


Make a wish

Let your doula care be a gift to you.
Let those around you know your wishes.

This is a wonderful opportunity for your friends and family to give you a meaningful and lifetime gift for your birth or baby shower party. 

This is an absolutely priceless gift that can't be given or purchased afterwards.

Gift certificates are available at any time.

Thoughts on value and pricelessness

I deeply believe that hiring a doula should not be a matter of financial situation, but a matter of personal need and the resulting priority given to the upcoming birth and postpartum experience.
The way birth and the time surrounding it will be experienced not only shapes the mom, the baby, the dad and the family, but ultimately has a long-term impact on the particular society, culture and generations to come.
Pregnancy, birth and even the postpartum period therefore deserve, in my opinion, at least as much investment, priority and importance as other big events in life (such as weddings, honeymoons, christenings, baby showers, decorating nurseries, birthdays, etc.).
A doula supports and promotes the best possible birth experience for mom and baby in a meaningful way.
The investment in your birth preparation, birth, and postpartum is a unique gift to your baby and you, whose lifelong value ultimately cannot be defined by any amount of money in the world.

If financial reasons prevent you from hiring a doula, get in touch. We will find a solution. 


supported and assured during pregnancy, birth and postpartum

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